Month: July 2021

What to Expect When Fiverr’s New Web Design Contest Ends in 2018

We all know what happens when Fiverrs don’t get paid in their allotted time.Fiverrdr, the crowdfunding platform that is helping to fund the design of all of the websites in this year’s web design contest, recently announced that it was shutting down its Web Design Fiverran site.That means that all the websites that Fiverrers have […]

How to choose the right website for your project

A new report says choosing the right design for your website is as important as choosing the correct web design for the site itself.The report by Accenture, found that 70% of sites on the market don’t deliver on their promises.Accenture says these sites are missing out on millions of potential customers and customers.The company’s report […]

How to use Google’s SEO tools to build a site that looks better for you

I’ve been writing for a while about the best ways to improve your search engine rankings.For the past several months, I’ve had a lot of success building websites that look better for their search engine ranking.And I thought it would be interesting to share some of the tricks I’ve learned to build those websites.Let’s start […]

How do we create a better digital marketing landscape?

The digital landscape is shifting, and with it the roles that publishers, content creators, publishers, brands and marketers have traditionally played in shaping digital marketing.Now, some publishers, and even some content creators have begun to look at digital marketing as a potential career.These roles have changed significantly in recent years, with many publishers beginning to […]

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