‘Beautiful Web Design’ Icon Gets New Design Icon From The Washington Post

A new design icon for web design has been unveiled by the Washington Post.

The icon shows a beautiful web designer with an open book and a beautiful font, but it’s not quite the iconic design we’ve come to expect from the Washington, D.C.-based publication.

The new design, called “The New Web,” was created by designer Chris Leung and was designed by David Loy, the chief digital officer at the Washington Examiner.

The Post said the new design is the culmination of a collaboration between the paper and the online community.

The redesign of the Washington Web was first revealed at the New York Times’ Designers Summit in May.

The redesigned Washington Web includes a logo with an “I” for Internet, a blue background with a red outline and a white background.

It also includes a green outline and yellow text, and an “X” with a blue outline and red text.

The design is part of the Post’s digital initiative that includes a redesign of its newsroom website, its digital newsstands and the app-based newspaper app.

The Washington Web is not the first redesign of a Post Web icon.

In August, the paper revealed a redesign for the logo of its online newsroom.

In April, the Washington Free Beacon announced that the paper was changing its logo from the old Washington Web to a new design that includes the Washington symbol.

The current design for the Washington logo is also in the public domain, so the Post said it will not be changing the icon anytime soon.

The website redesigns come on the heels of the publication’s overhaul of its digital properties, which includes the redesign of all its newsrooms, including the Post Web.

The newsrooms will also be updated with new content and redesigned content for mobile readers, and a redesigned mobile site.

The latest redesign was released in October.

The Washington Web redesign was first reported by The Washington Examiner and the Washington Times.

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