How to choose the right website for your project

A new report says choosing the right design for your website is as important as choosing the correct web design for the site itself.

The report by Accenture, found that 70% of sites on the market don’t deliver on their promises.

Accenture says these sites are missing out on millions of potential customers and customers.

The company’s report shows that in a lot of cases, you can’t even make out the promise of a better experience.

Accentre’s report was produced by a team of six people who worked from home on the first day of the survey.

They found that 90% of websites were in need of a redesign, and the report says this is because of the sheer volume of sites that are trying to be perfect.

For example, the report found that of the 10% of site that Accenture found to be the worst, only 3% of them were in compliance with their promise to customers.

So, if you’re a web designer, the best bet is to choose a website that you can trust to deliver on its promise.

You can find more information on the report in this article.

The top three most common reasons for a website not to deliver were:

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