How to make an Apple Watch mockup with your iPhone

Designers at Akron University in Ohio have created an iPhone mockup that can be printed with an iPhone and iPhone Pro without requiring a second smartphone.

The mockup includes an Apple logo, a red button, and a white background.

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch with an OLED display and has a battery life of up to 30 days.

The design team from Akron says it was inspired by Apple’s design for the Apple Watch.

A mockup of the Apple watch is shown in this Sept. 9, 2017 file photo.

Apple Watch design: An iPhone mock upThe Akron team created a new iPhone mock-up using the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and 6S.

The iPhone mock ups are printed using the Adobe Photoshop CS5 program.

The Adobe Photoshop file allows for customization of the design elements of the mockups, which can be exported and edited with a computer.

The Akron iPhone mockups are designed to fit inside the iPhone case, and it was created to allow users to print the mockup on an iPhone, iPhone Pro, or a third-party device.

The project’s name is “An Apple Watch Design.”

The iPhone 6 mockup was printed with a 3.5 mm adapter.

The team has since shared its iPhone mock and Photoshop mockups online.

It was created with the iPhone Pro as the first smartphone and the Pro as a second phone.

The Pro is a smaller version of the iPhone with a smaller display.

Akron said the mock up can be used to create mockups for a variety of other Apple devices.

The designers also posted an iPhone 5 mockup and Photoshop 3D mockup.

The Photoshop mockup shows an iPhone that is covered with a white, thin, and curved band.

The watch is powered by an Apple Core processor and has an average battery life that is up to 25 days.

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