Lawyer web design boot camp with attorney web design ideas

MADISON, Ohio (AP) — An attorney web designer who used his law degree to design and sell online businesses will train clients at a Columbus-area law school.

Lawyers can be a lucrative industry and this one-year online law school is the latest to expand into the online legal world.

Bridget Schulz, a former marketing manager at a Chicago-area firm, is a lawyer with a passion for creating products that appeal to people who don’t have the skills of a lawyer, but have the expertise of an attorney, said Scott Smith, an attorney with the Columbus-based law firm Smith & Schulz.

Schulz started the firm’s Web Design Boot Camp in August and has been on a mission to teach aspiring web designers how to sell products online.

Schutz started the boot camp to get his clients to sign up, which he hopes will help boost business.

It costs $2,500 for the two-week course and is available online for $3,000.

Schultz said that if clients sign up he’ll pay for his own transportation, food and lodging.

Schuths clients are expected to be in their 20s and 30s and the classes are mostly aimed at college-educated lawyers who are looking to get a foot in the door of a legal profession.

Schutz, a native of the Netherlands, says he’s not interested in helping clients get started.

Schwitz said he’s already seeing a surge in interest from people who are just starting out in the legal field.

Schulz said he and other lawyers are starting to see a trend of people looking to learn about the profession.

Lawyer Boot Camps like the one in Columbus have been popping up all over the country.

They offer training in marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, web design and more.

Law students often don’t get paid a lot for their work, but that’s changing.

The boot camps offer a good alternative, Schutz said.

Schuulz’s business has grown from selling online books and movies to creating a mobile app called CourtPass.

CourtPass allows users to see the judge’s rulings on their smartphones.

Schwartz’s Boot Camp will train students to design websites, mobile apps, e-mail templates and more, said Adam Miller, a law school professor at Ohio State University.

Schitz is working with a company called Maven to offer the Boot Camp.

Miller said the company’s goal is to build the online school so that law students will be able to take classes in an online environment.

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