Minnesota’s new Web Design Plan looks like a real work of art

Minnesota’s state agency for the arts is going through a major redesign, with the agency unveiling a design blueprint to help the arts community get ready for the 2020 state fair season.

The new plan, unveiled Monday, details how to make the fair more like a museum, which could help to improve the experience for people who attend the fair.

The blueprint, called a “work of art,” outlines a plan to streamline the process of design, with new materials and materials that are more cost-effective and durable, as well as ways to use technology to improve performance.

The agency is hoping to open up the fair by the end of the year, and to have its design ready for 2020.

The state’s fair has been plagued by poor planning and a lack of public support.

Last year, Minnesota’s Fair and Pavilion Commission voted to scrap the fair’s planned 2017 opening, but a replacement plan is being developed to take the event back.

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