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Which is better for your business? Squarespace or Material Design?

By default, Squarespaces website will not be displayed in Google Chrome, but you can easily add the Squaresites design into Google Chrome using Google Chrome extension.Simply open Squaresplots website and then click the squares icon.You will be taken to SquaresPlots website page where you can view all the designs available.You can choose one of the […]

What are the web design tools you use to create websites?

You might be wondering what web design is, and how to make a website.However, we’re not going to explain everything there is to know about web design.If you’d rather learn, we’ve got a handy infographic below that will help you make sense of the most popular web design and web development tools available.You can use […]

The Top 5 Websites to Learn Web Design (and the Web Design Essentials Guide to Design)

The American Conservatives website is now officially a full-time job for an experienced web designer.“The site is a one-stop shop for any web design issue you can think of,” says editor and managing editor Sarah Eichler.“It includes the latest trends, tips and advice, and it even has a guide to creating beautiful web design.”Eichlers job […]

What you need to know about Dreamweaver’s Dreamweavers website and apps

Dreamweaving is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded in Boise, Idaho, in 2016.Its focus is the intersection of design, art, business and technology.The studio’s website states that it has over 150 graduates, with more to come.It is a collaborative community that is all about bringing together people who have similar interests and talents, and creating products […]

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