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How to design a website that sells for $2.8 million

How do you sell for $22 million?The answer, of course, is a website called The Internet of Things.The company behind it, OTOY, has a strong history in online commerce, and its founders have a track record of creating profitable websites for the likes of Microsoft and Facebook.In a blog post this week, the founders announced […]

Meet the Web Designer Who Is Killing the Search Engine Battle

When you ask Google to rank your site or blog on Google.com, the search giant can use a technique called “pre-ranking” to make its algorithms consider your website as a better match for Google’s top results.In other words, Google will make the site more likely to rank higher in the results for queries about your […]

What you need to know about Phoenix web design

by Independent title Phoenix web designer, Phoenix web shooter design article By Independent article Phoenix web designers have been working in the web industry for over 10 years.The Phoenix web shooters are responsible for creating professional web design and web shooting content.Phoenix web designs can be seen in popular web sites such as The Guardian, […]

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