The new president will put U.S. business at risk

President Donald Trump has signaled he will not let his business dealings become a political issue, saying he would instead concentrate on fixing the economy.

Trump made the announcement on Wednesday in his first public remarks on the subject since taking office.

The president told the Associated Press he would appoint a new director of the Office of Management and Budget to take over the department, but said he was going to focus on making sure the nation’s business interests are protected.

Trump said he would also appoint a chief executive officer to oversee the agency and “do everything I can to make sure that our business interests aren’t harmed by a political or policy agenda.”

The White House press secretary said Trump was announcing the hiring of a new chief of staff, but that it would not be the president himself.

The director of OMB, Steven Mnuchin, is a former Wall Street financier and a former Treasury secretary.

Mnuchin is one of two members of Trump’s Cabinet nominees whose confirmation hearings are scheduled for later this week.

Trump has repeatedly pledged to appoint a “honest and competent” director of government, but has said he will only do that if Democrats filibuster any nominee.

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