The Washington Post: ‘There are so many bad things’ about Trump administration

The Washington Times article The American Conservatives (AC) are calling on the Trump administration to “end the political witch hunt” against Breitbart News reporter Milo Yiannopoulos, who is accused of harassing an intern in the Oval Office.

In a statement published on Thursday, the group said it is “deeply disturbed” by reports that Breitbart News hired Yiannopoulos to cover an upcoming presidential election, and that the reporter has been accused of harassment, intimidation and retaliation.

“The Washington Post and its editor, Jeff Bezos, are clearly trying to spin this story, and now we are demanding that they immediately stop it,” said AC President Markos Moulitsas in a statement.

“They have an obligation to publish the facts.

If the Post wants to keep publishing this story as it was reported by several news organizations, they should release the sources.”AC called for a congressional investigation into the allegations, which it said were “deep and pervasive” in the media.

In the statement, the organization also called for “more robust investigations into the conduct of the Trump Administration” and “the actions of President Donald Trump and his administration.”AC said it was particularly concerned by reports by Breitbart News’ executive chairman and CEO Stephen Bannon that President Donald J. Trump and Bannon “have been trying to undermine and silence” Yiannopoulos, whom he has described as a “white nationalist.”

In a tweet on Thursday afternoon, Breitbart News Executive Chairman and CEO Steve Bannon said Yiannopoulos “must go” after the president and Bannon are “the greatest purveyors of hate and division in America.”

Breitbart News has denied that it hired Yiannopoulos, saying it was “a total fabrication” and that Yiannopoulos “is not employed by us” and was not a member of its “media team.”AC says it has filed a complaint with the Department of Justice, calling for an investigation into Breitbart News.

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