Watch: Baltimore’s first Wix ads campaign hits store shelves

WIX has launched a $10 million ad campaign to encourage local businesses to put their own spin on the city’s traditional Christmas tree.

The Wix Christmas tree campaign, dubbed the “Wix Christmas Tree Experience,” is the first WIX ad campaign in Baltimore.

It’s a partnership with the Baltimore City Department of Cultural Affairs and the Baltimore Urban Design Association.

Wix is Baltimore’s official sponsor of the program, which aims to encourage creative ideas for the Christmas tree.

“It’s really a great opportunity to show the community what they can do with the Wix tree,” said Dan DeAngelis, Wix vice president of business development.

The campaign, which includes billboards, a website, social media and interactive signage, is available to the public through Wix’s online store.

Wix is using the WIX tree as a way to highlight its new holiday decorations that include new lighting systems and a brand-new design inspired by a city street.

“We’re doing a lot of things to help create a more vibrant city for people to come visit,” DeAngeles said.

The company is also working with the city to create a Wix holiday celebration.

WIX is partnering with the Greater Baltimore Regional Chamber of Commerce to host the first Christmas party in the city, DeAngelises said.

Baltimore’s Christmas season officially ends on Dec. 31.

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