What you need to know about spiders and spider webs

What you should know about spider webs: Are spiders poisonous?

What is the risk of bites to humans?

What does it mean for spiders?

What is the danger of spiders and what can you do to protect yourself?

Read more: The European Union’s Directorate General for the Environment and Energy (DGE) has issued a warning that there is a higher risk of serious injury or death from spiders than people think.

The warning, issued after an EU study, found that a spider bite to the eye caused by an adult female spider can cause serious eye damage or even death.

“The risk of a spider being a lethal or even fatal wound is higher than the risk that a human being is,” the DGE said in a statement.

“While some individuals may be less likely to be harmed by spiders, for others, including children, the risk is greater.”

The study found that, for adults, the rate of serious eye injury and death was higher for spiders than humans, as was the rate in cases of severe injury or deaths.

“It is possible that some individuals in the European Union may have less risk of injuries than the general population,” the agency said.

“This may be because of an increased risk of being bitten by a spider.”

Spiders are not considered a direct threat to human health, but it is considered a risk to animals and the environment, and they are considered a threat to the environment and human health.

The risk is higher for people because they are more likely to get bitten.

“Spiders have the potential to cause serious injury to humans,” the European Environment Agency said.

“Spiders can cause severe damage to people and animals, but there is no specific risk for humans.”

The DGE says there are a number of measures that you can take to protect your eyes:Keep your eyes closed when you wear contact lenses and keep your head away from the spiders when you are in groups.

The EU agency added that while spiders are poisonous, they are harmless and do not pose a direct risk to humans.

“No-one should ever be bitten by an animal that has not been carefully inspected,” the statement said.

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