What you need to know about the Golden State Warriors’ logo and branding

What you might not know about Golden State’s logo and brand: The Warriors logo features an iconic blue background and an elephant on its chest.

The elephant is also known as the Golden Horn.

It’s the symbol of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Warriors are also known for the slogan, “The Warriors Are Here.”

The Warriors name, also known by its Spanish acronym, was designed by the renowned Spanish designer Miguel Cervantes in 1899.

In the 1920s, Cervanceas designed the logo for the New York City subway system, and it was designed to resemble a cross between a flower and a tree.

The logo was also designed by another famed Spanish artist, Francisco de Carvalho, who had a similar design for a subway line in Spain.

In the 1930s, the Warriors went on a major advertising campaign in which they used the name as a vehicle for their message, “Be the Warriors.”

In 1935, the team changed the name to the Golden Rose and renamed itself the Golden States.

The team’s logo, which includes a golden horn and a star, is still used on the team’s uniforms.

The Warriors have the third-most wins in the NBA, with a record of 20-2.

The teams home arena is the Oracle Arena, which was built in 1962.

The franchise has won the most championships in NBA history, with the last being in 1998.

The franchise’s most recent championship came in 2016 when it beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round of the playoffs.

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