What you need to know about the new ‘Web Design for Everyone’ campaign

The web design for everyone is back.

The new Web Design for everyone campaign is a massive initiative designed to help anyone with a passion for web design make it into the world of business.

The campaign, launched in October, aims to get people working with the latest technology to build their own web design.

But the focus is on the web’s fundamentals, not how to get more people to do it.

The team behind the campaign, which aims to inspire everyone from designers to software developers to designers themselves, say it will teach everyone the basics of web design so they can start building websites.

The goal is to get 1 million people to learn how to create websites and get them working with modern tools.

But to do this, the campaign will also be targeting those who may not be well-versed in design or technology.

This week, the web design group behind the project, Canopy, released the results of its survey.

“We were really pleased with how the people who participated responded to our survey,” said Canopy’s chief executive officer, Chris Beardsley.

“I think that was one of the biggest things that we’ve done with the campaign is that we were able to get the data out to a lot of different people, and they were able, and the response we’ve seen has been very encouraging.”

The survey was commissioned by Canopy and the Web Design Academy, a training and development organisation.

The Web Design Education Foundation is the non-profit that owns the campaign.

“It’s about finding the most effective ways to reach the best possible audience,” said Mr Beardsler.

“The way we do that is to really encourage people to try something out.

That’s the best way to get them engaged, to really drive them to do something else.”

To that end, the Canopy team is creating a new series of online training courses on the subject of web designing, including an online version of the Canopies own online training.

Canopy is hoping to have the courses on sale by the end of this year.

The company also launched a new website to promote the campaign to potential clients, but there’s no word on when that will go live.

“In terms of getting people to the training, we are going to have a series of web sites where they can go and find out how to start designing their own websites,” said Ms Beardsle.

“Then they can apply for jobs with Canopy or other designers and get the job.”

Canopy will also have a web design course available for free to anyone who wants to start working with a designer.

To get the courses online, the company has teamed up with a leading UK website builder, Zurb Foundation, which has partnered with Canopys website design course.

The course, called Designing the Next Web, will be taught by professional designers and content creators who will be working with Canopic.

“This is the way that we are starting to really help designers and web developers and the rest of the design industry get into the design space,” said Dr Beardslie.

“Designers and designers should be starting out at the top, not just getting there and then trying to be the next thing.”

Canopies founder, Andrew Walker, said the new campaign was designed to make people feel confident in the field of web development.

“Web design is a complex field,” he said.

“A lot of people feel a bit intimidated in the sense that they have to start from scratch, and that’s a good thing.”

What we’re trying to do is get people to start learning how to make their own website in the same way that they learn how for any other profession, and start thinking about how do you apply the same principles to web design and how do I get it to scale?


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