What You Should Know About The Lincoln Bedroom

The Lincoln bedroom, which is located at the center of the dining room, has a modern style and modern materials.

The modernist design was designed by architect Thomas A. Waggoner, and includes a sliding fireplace, open kitchen, and open-plan living room.

The kitchen, which features two small pantries, features an open, sliding-windowed counter top and a double sink.

The dining room has an open kitchen with a double pantry and a countertop.

A large central seating area features a large window overlooking the dining area.

The bedroom features a small but elegant wood burning fireplace.

The bathroom has a single sink and a large countertop, which includes an open window that provides natural light.

The Lincoln kitchen has a counter top that opens onto a large living room, while the dining and living areas are located on the same floor.

The living room has a large sitting area, a full bath, and a dining room area with a large glass ceiling.

The master bedroom is a spacious and open room that can accommodate up to three adults.

The family room has multiple closets and storage spaces for each family member.

The main living room is open, but has an enclosed living room that has a built-in fireplace.

A second open area connects the living room and dining room areas, which have large windows that allow natural light to reach the dining space.

The rear bedroom has a small living room with a small, windowless bedroom.

The children’s bedroom has two large closets, and is open and has a double-height, windowed wall.

The front bedroom has an area for one person and a smaller bedroom with two closets.

A small kitchen area is open on the opposite side of the room from the dining table, with the kitchen area and dining area both on the upper level.

The small living area is located on a separate level, with a closet on the lower level.

There is a small dining room with an open-concept kitchen and dining table.

The backyard has a deck, a small outdoor patio, and two parking spaces.

The pool area is a large, open area, with an indoor water feature and a walk-in shower.

The deck has an outdoor swimming pool with a walkway leading into the water.

The back of the home has a sliding door to the back yard, and has an elevator.

The home is open to the public and includes an elevator and a sliding glass door to each of the two bedrooms.

The fireplace is located behind the dining hall, and the rear porch is open.

The house also has a walk in shower, a backyard deck, and several outdoor spaces.

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