When a web designer makes a mistake, it doesn’t stop her from getting paid

Wix web designer Katie Wix is being paid $10 an hour to make web design for a Seattle company.

The company, called Wix, was founded in February by designer Katie Houghton and entrepreneur Daniel Pascucci, who were looking for a way to monetise the site.

It’s a concept that’s being used in the US, where the US Department of Labor (DOL) recently announced a crackdown on internet-based businesses that exploit workers’ rights to earn money.

While many internet businesses are legal, some workers are forced to work without pay for a variety of reasons including poverty, homelessness and other forms of discrimination.

Wix aims to create a website that helps people find jobs that they’re qualified for and has created a team of more than 100 designers.

Wiju Lin, a designer at Wix who helped create the site, said she was “delighted” with the pay.

“It’s a huge compliment to be able to do what I do, to have this opportunity to earn a living,” Ms Lin told the ABC.

Wxist, a website used to pay for things such as childcare, has been shut down after it was found to be employing a child pornographer.

Ms Lin said Wix had also started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help pay for her future.

The campaign aims to raise $100,000 by November 7 to help Wix pay her bills, while also providing “a safe environment to grow as a designer and start a new career”.

“We are going to have a few weeks off this week, so we’re going to start working on getting our first new job in a few months, so it’ll take us a little bit longer than we want, but we will have that opportunity to get that first job,” Ms Wix said.

Ms Wicks first job at Wxst was as a web developer in New Zealand.

She has worked at the company for two years, and is also now designing websites for other businesses.

“The idea for Wix came out of necessity, it was just a little way to make money to pay bills and get my kids off to school,” Ms Houghson said.

Wixt is also looking to recruit more designers, with more than 20 jobs available for women.

“There are just so many opportunities in the world right now,” Ms Mihir said.

“We need designers, and we need talented designers.”

A small team of Wix designers have been working with businesses in the Seattle area to design webpages for Wxscers website.

The site has a range of design templates to make the design process as simple as possible, with no technical knowledge required.

“I can work in my kitchen or I can work on the internet and be creative,” Ms Pascu said.

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