When it comes to building a website, a big chunk of your time should be spent on design, according to an

published by Polygon.

The article was written by Chris Johnson, a graphic designer based in New York City.

In it, Johnson said that a lot of his time spent designing websites is spent on the design of their content.

Johnson, who previously worked as a graphic design consultant for various clients, told Polygon that a website should look like an actual business.

The first step in designing a website is to understand what you want it to look like, Johnson says.

He recommends creating a basic design template with a few basic elements and then add your own.

For a simple website, you’ll want to go with a simple color scheme and background.

If you’re going to be creating a large website, then it’s recommended to use a bold, black and white design.

The first thing you want to do is make sure the background of your website is consistent.

“It’s good to have the background to match the design and the background color of the content, so that it looks like the content is in the same color space,” Johnson says, adding that this also helps in the visual hierarchy of the site.

For large websites, you may also want to consider using a grid design, or use a grid of images to create a visual hierarchy.

Johnson says that it is also important to use CSS for a consistent layout.

“If you have a grid layout, you don’t want to have to do any CSS, because it’s not that easy to remember,” Johnson explains.

“You can use CSS to make sure that you have consistent content, but the CSS can be so difficult to remember and understand.

I think the CSS should be easy to use.”

As you design your website, keep in mind that you’ll be building it for a specific audience, Johnson tells Polygon, so you should not be too specific in your design.

“I would say that a really good website should be a website that works for everyone,” he says.

“I think that’s the goal.

I would say to go for the simplest design and have something that people can understand, but it shouldn’t be a massive, complex website.”

To build a website for any audience, you can choose from a variety of templates that come with a number of features, Johnson explains, including the ability to include video.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive template, Johnson suggests you check out his website templates section on Medium.

Johnson also suggests that you try out some of the different theme packs, which he says have the same features as WordPress themes, but for a different audience.

For example, you could try out a theme called Theme Builder.

Johnson recommends trying out this theme to see what he thinks is the best theme for your niche.

“Theme Builder is a really simple theme, but I think it’s a good theme to have in your portfolio if you’re working with small companies or startups,” Johnson said.

“It’s really a lot easier to get started with this one.

It’s really lightweight and it doesn’t take too much time to set up.”

For more advice on designing a web design website, check out the full Polygon article.

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