When Will Your Web Designer Make the Leap?

A web designer in Boise, Idaho is getting ready to move up the ranks and get his or her name in the headlines for making the leap from design intern to web designer.

Toni Jones started out as an intern in Boise’s design office.

He worked in various roles from layout to marketing.

He’s now making the jump to web design, and he says he is happy with the decision.

“I started off as an artist, but I really really like the design side of things,” Jones said.

“I’m really enjoying working on the designs and I love working with people.”

Jones says his main goal is to get his portfolio as high as possible and that he wants to be recognized for his work.

He also says that he has never worked in a bigger office before and has never had to deal with so many designers.

Jones said his goal is just to get a little bit more attention for his job, but he said he would love to work more as a web designer someday.

“This is my dream job.

I want to be able to help people, be a part of the design process, and help them make things better for their clients,” Jones says.

“That’s what I love about it.

I love it.”

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