Which color is the best to use for minimalism?

The answer, according to Mashable’s color expert, is actually not that simple.

The question is really about the type of color you want to use, he said.

“There are so many options.

You can choose to use a color for minimal or bold, you can use a saturated or neutral color, you don’t have to have the exact same color in mind,” said Mark Johnson, an artist, illustrator, and designer.

“So it depends on your mood.

If you’re looking for a minimalistic color, I’d say a muted blue or a bright blue, a deep purple or a vibrant orange.”

If you are looking for something more vibrant, “the color of the sky is definitely the best choice,” he added.

What about other colors?

Johnson noted that the more saturated a color, the more vibrant it will be.

“A saturated orange is more vibrant than a dull red,” he said, but not by much.

“If you’re thinking about using a light blue for your logo, the light blue is more saturated than a light orange.”

Johnson also said that, while you don.t want to overdo it with saturated colors, you may want to go for something lighter.

“Darker shades will be more subtle, and you can also try something like a lighter blue or light brown,” he explained.

What is a color?

A color is a physical combination of light and dark.

The colors used in a logo can vary widely, but generally, they are light blue, blue, yellow, red, green, orange, and black.

“The most basic colors are blue, white, and yellow, which is the same color as a normal white background,” said Johnson.

“And that’s the one that people typically associate with logos,” he noted.

“I have a lot of clients who go for blue because of the blues.

But if you want a subtle, cool-toned look, you could go for a lighter shade of blue or yellow.”

How to choose the right color for a logo?

“I like a neutral color.

A neutral color is neutral, it has no personality or personality at all,” said Miller.

“It’s neutral because you don’ t want it to be anything.

It doesn’t look anything like the logo.

So you don”t want it with a lot to do with color or with a strong color, and that means it’s not too bright.

You want something neutral, which you can see through the logo.”

For an example of a logo that is a neutral blue, Miller said you would use a dark blue, or a yellow-ish color, such as a blue-green, purple-purple, or purple-orange.

For an image of a green logo, Miller says you would take the logo and go back to the original image.

“This is why the logo has to have some personality,” he stressed.

For example, a yellow logo might look good with a green background, or with an orange background, he noted, but that doesn’t make the logo more appealing.

“But if it’s very neutral, you want something that can be used as a background color for the entire logo,” he continued.

“That’s what I mean by a neutral.”

How do you go about creating a minimal design?

You need to think about the types of things you want the logo to be.

If it’s an email or an ad, it’s best to try to avoid a logo with many elements, as that will confuse the client, said Johnson, as well as make it hard to tell which part of the logo is being displayed.

Johnson also suggested creating a design that is less functional.

“Most of the time, the clients I work with will be looking for things that have a purpose, that have something they need to accomplish, and it”s best to focus on the minimal elements,” he stated.

Johnson said that it’s important to design a logo for the client’s own needs, and to take into account the type and level of content the company is aiming for.

“Just be very creative,” he advised.

What does Johnson say to a client who is looking to add a logo to their website?

“Just make sure you are not trying to do too much with the logo,” Johnson said.

Instead, use the logo as a tool to tell the story of the company and to show that it is doing something good for their customers.

“Your logo is your anchor point,” he emphasized.

“You can’t make a logo and ignore your customers, because it will always be a story, and people will still want to know what your company does.

So if you don?t know what you want, try something different.”

To learn more about Johnson, check out his website, his work, or follow him on Twitter.

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