Why I love a graphic designer

You’ve just got to be in a good mood and know what you’re doing.

If you’re not, you might find yourself stuck.

Here are five graphic designers you should look up to. 1.

Marc JacobsMarc Jacobs, who created the iconic look of the adidas adidas Ultra Boost, has been credited with reinventing sneaker design.

His first shoe, the “Superstar” silhouette, was the first to feature a sockliner, a design that was initially conceived for a running shoe but quickly became popular with women.

The sneaker debuted in 2008 and had a successful retail run before going on sale in June 2009.

The silhouette has since been used on other shoes, including the “Supreme” and “Socks” silhouettes.

Jacobs is credited with designing the Ultra Boosts iconic silhouette.

(Getty Images)2.

Daniel LibeskindDaniel Libeskill, who is credited as one of the founders of the iconic brand Supreme, is credited for creating the “Crimson & Gray” colorway, which has remained popular on men’s and women’s sneaker collections.

He also created the “Sneaker” silhouette that debuted in the summer of 2008 and remains popular with men.

Libeskilled, who lives in New York City, also co-founded the fashion label Supreme, which is now based in the United Kingdom.

He has been called one of New York’s most influential designers.

Libskill is known for creating some of the most popular sneakers in sneaker history.

(AP Photo/Evan Agostini)3.

John DritzJohn Dritz is credited by many for designing the original Air Max line.

His designs have been used in sneakers ranging from the Nike Zoom Air Max to the iconic Air Jordan 1.

The Dritz designs have gone on to become iconic, and Dritz’s influence is evident in today’s sneakers.

He’s worked with Nike on the Nike Air Max 90 and Nike Zoom 1 sneakers.

(Photo: Nike)4.

Marc ForsterMarc Forster is credited at one point or another for designing most of the Air Max and Air Jordan shoes.

He is credited to be responsible for the “Red and Black” design that is used on some of today’s most popular sneaker silhouettes like the Air Jordan I and Air Max.

Forster, who now lives in London, has also collaborated with Nike.

(Forster has also been credited for designing some of Nike’s signature sneakers.)5.

Michael WertinMichael Wertino is credited in many ways for the inspiration for the Air Force 1.

His Air Max silhouette, which debuted in 1998, was a favorite of many athletes at the time.

Wertinos designs were used in Nike Air Force 2 and Nike Airforce 3.

He currently lives in Chicago, where he founded the clothing company Air Force.

He recently teamed up with Nike to launch the Nike X-Force shoe line.

(Photos: Courtesy Michael Wartin)1.

Marc NewsonMarc Newson is credited from the beginning of the sneaker world with the inspiration of the Nike SB-1 and the Nike Lunar Zoom.

The shoe became synonymous with the sportswear brand, which was founded in 1976.

Newson, who grew up in Los Angeles, was inspired by his love of skiing.

He designed the shoe with inspiration from the skiing world, including a model that was created by former Olympic ski jumper Mike Murphy.

He later worked with Murphy on his “Ski-Keeper” ski-boot collection.

The sneakers became a smash hit, spawning a sequel, the SB-2.2.

Robert KirkmanRobert Kirkman is credited often for the inspirations for the sneakers of his kids, such as the Nike Yeezy Boost 350 and the Adidas Boost 350 Boost.

He often draws on the history of his family to create his own shoe lines.

He started his own label, Robert Kirkmans, in 1996.

(Robert Kirkmans)3, Michael SchumacherMichael Schumachers shoes, which he designed for Nike, has become synonymous with sneaker culture.

His lines include the “Skate” and the “Mushroom” lines.

Schumaches shoes are often compared to the Air Jordans of today, but his line is known more for its more traditional looks.

His shoes have been popular with fans of the sport.

He retired in 2011 after playing his final game in the NFL, when he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.4.

Paul PogbaPaul Pogba, a former Manchester United and Juventus midfielder, has had a profound influence on sneaker designs over the years.

He first gained fame for his Nike Air Jordan 4, which became the first shoe to use the Nike VaporMax technology.

His signature sneakers, the Adidas Zebra and the Jordan 3, were among the first high-end sneakers to incorporate the technology.

Pogba also created a signature silhouette for Nike Air Jordas, the OG, and

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