Why Photoshop Is So Much More Than A Font—It Can Make Your Web Design Great

When I started designing for the web, I used Photoshop to draw in the outlines of my design.

In the process, I realized how important font design is.

I was inspired to add a layer of typography to my design and I made a lot of great decisions in the process.

You’ll see how the web can be designed better with more font design.


Make your typography a consistent element throughout your website.

For a logo, for example, you want to use a consistent font across all of your pages.

So when you add a bold font to a page, that’s one font that will always be visible throughout your site.

That will help your customers read your site and understand what your brand stands for.


Use a consistent typeface across all your websites.

If you want a consistent, uniform typeface for your site, then you need to design for that.

If it’s a different font, that will affect the look of your design, too.

The more fonts you use, the more consistent it will be across all the sites that use it. 3.

Keep your typographic elements consistent across all platforms.

It doesn’t matter if you have a static website or a dynamic site, make sure your typographical elements are consistent across both.

You can also choose to make a difference by using a different typeface to your homepage or to the header of your page.


Use typography that is easy to read.

The easier you make your typographics readable, the easier it is for your customers to read your designs.

A font can be read visually with a simple glance.

In fact, I’ve found that even when I use a font with different sizes, my designs read as well as if I used the same font size across all my websites.


Use the right font for your web design.

If your website is designed to stand out, then it’s important that you design for it.

It’s easier for customers to find what you offer when you have fonts that will stand out.

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